APM Concrete Repair

Facility Type: Intermodal Containerized Shipping Yard

Project / Problem Description: Substantial concrete failures have caused critical truck lanes to become inoperable.

Solution: Excavate failed areas and replace with high yield concrete to avoid future damages. During this job IFM performed multiple concrete repairs in the area over a one week window between ship arrivals and worked through the weekend in inclement weather to deliver truck lanes on time.†




Foundation Peers for Metal Warehouse

Facility Type: Shipyard crane maintenance warehouse

Project / Problem Description: Set and pour foundation support peers for a new metal shop building. This project was located on a working dock with limited space for equipment and a short timetable. Due to high soil moisture peers had to be drilled and completely poured within minutes to avoid shaft cave in.†

Solution: Onsite project managers worked with subcontractors to ensure coordination of concrete deliveries and drill rig operation. This gave the crew the time it needed to properly set rebar in the shafts and align anchor bolts to blueprint specifications. This project was completed ahead of time with no accidents and under the customerís budget.

Yard Reconfiguration

Facility Type:
Intermodal Containerized Shipping Yard

Project / Problem Description: This section of the container storage facility was being reallocated to support wheeled container and chassis parking.

Solution: IFM painted the parking stripes per supplied drawings and then installed large wheel stops to complete the project.† By keeping wheel stops in place IFM helped this customer reduce costly damage to fences and electrical components caused by trucks backing over the limit.


Digital Sign Installation

Facility Type: Main gate facility for a containerized shipping yard

Project / Problem Description:† This customer ordered a new digital display to notify inbound drivers of important information.† This project was located in a high traffic business critical environment that could not be closed.

Solution: This project was completed over two consecutive weekends to avoid closing several main lanes of traffic.† IFM performed the slab coring, shaft drilling and setting on the first weekend. On the following weekend the sign was mounted on poles and all electrical/data connections were made.† This allowed our customer to continue operation as normal with no disruption of production.


Relocation of Communications
Junction Box

Facility Type: Main gate facility for a containerized shipping yard

Project / Problem Description: A truck wrecked into the main communications hub for gate operations at a customerís facility. This accident forced our customer to close its facility until repairs could be made.

Solution: IFM received an emergency call on a Thursday afternoon. Starting Friday IFM crew members worked through the night to excavate the existing electrical conduit. On Saturday the conduit was redirected to the new safer location. On Sunday all data cables had to be re-pulled and on Monday technicians were able to bring the main gate facility back online.


Safety & Traffic Painting

Facility Type: Intermodal Containerized Shipping Facility

Project / Problem Description:† This customer called IFM for a routine refresh of the various safety and traffic markings at their facility.†

Solution: Stop signs and other pavement graphics are stenciled and painted with all normal safety yellow striping and painting. Hi-visibility paint is applied in RTG operation rows to help the operators see better at night. Traction paint is used on surfaces outside doorways, on ramps, and stairs for added safety.


Refrigerated Unit Capacity Expansion

Facility Type: Containerized shipyard; refrigerated unit storage facility

Project / Problem Description:† A customer was expanding their capacity to store refrigerated units at their Houston facility.

Solution:This project involved the coordination of electric switchgear delivery† and line maintenance crews. IFM ordered and installed the switchgear and transformer per specifications. When everything arrived the components were installed on a pre designated transformer pad.† After all conductors were pulled underground and system connections were made the power company came to connect utility service to the high voltage side of the transformer. This project was complete on the customerís schedule with no issues of accidents.


Dust Suppression

Facility Type: Export Trucking Yard

Project / Problem Description: This customer was having a large problem with dust in their yard creating poor operating conditions and safety issues.

Solution: Apply Enviorguard dust suppressant to yard.† IFM uses a superior quality dust suppressant from Enviroguard. This product outperforms other dust suppressant products on the market and allows IFM to deliver a fast and effective solution to dust problems that helps our customers achieve results with a long term cost savings over the competition.


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